Higher Education for Nonprofit Leaders? Part One: Considerations

We receive many inquiries from emerging nonprofit leaders – mid-career professionals, those new-to-the-workforce, and those coming from the for-profit sector – about advanced education in nonprofit management.

This two-part series focuses on considerations and options. We’ll post regional degree options as a follow up to this piece shortly.

Photo by Steve Braund via flickr - modified
Photo by Steve Braund via flickr – modified

As with all nonprofit planning processes, this question breaks into two questions – what do I need to do based on where I’m at and my goals? and, with that understanding, what are my options?

These questions include various shades of the following questions:

Do I need another degree? Will I be able to use my undergraduate degree, on-the-job experience and skill-specific training to advance in my career? Is this the right time?

What degrees are available in our area and which are most suitable to my career path? What practical information can I get about applying, financial aid, and student loan debt? How will I pay for this?

Who can talk to me about career planning? Who has experience with some of these particular options?

Happily, you have access to some quality, reliable, and authoritative resources to guide your decision making process. Continue reading

Share this: Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness

“If you work full-time in a public service job, you may qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.”

Is your organization working to keep good people? Demographic data tells us that millennials have record levels of student loan debt in proportion to their income. But, they aren’t alone. Some nonprofit staff are required to get degrees for which there is little financial return on investment. 

Ideally, your organization works to provide financial security for its most valuable assets: human resources.

Perhaps, though, the Federal Student Loan Forgiveness program will provide you, your staff, colleagues, or nonprofit-employed friends and family some needed relief. 

PS – You might also find the alternate payment methods useful. My personal household budget is greatly relieved by a several hundred dollar monthly reduction in my repayment because I use a plan based on my income. Enrollment has been painless and annual eligibility confirmation works seamlessly with filing my taxes. – Lettie

Click on the image or follow the link above to discover additional options and check eligibility.

“What must I do to have any remaining balances on my Direct Loans forgiven under the PSLF Program?”

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