Marketing Seminar Series 2017

You are invited to attend our Marketing Seminar Series of 2017! Join us to get answers from professionals and connect with your peers.

Graphic Design in Microsoft Office

Rachel’s talk will provide you with marketing tips and tricks. She will discuss and show you how to best utilize the tools available in Microsoft Office (namely Word and PowerPoint) to create materials for your organization that are clean and well-designed.

Rachel Hammitt is a graphic designer and photographer living and working in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She does design work for her alma mater, Wheaton College, and a variety of freelance work. Rachel loves to create and design pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Her goal as a designer and photographer is to help bring people’s vision to life, with clarity and heart.

When: Friday, June 2, 2017 1:30pm-3:30pm

Registration is required. Registration is available online, on the phone (260) 421-1238, or by email  

WordPress for Nonprofits

Need to create or update your organization’s website? This workshop will go over website basics for nonprofits including why having a user-friendly website is important, what makes a website user-friendly, and how to make (and maintain) a website easily with WordPress.

Amanda Neumann is the Director of Theater Operations at Fort Wayne Cinema Center, volunteer Fandom Forward Project Leader at the Harry Potter Alliance, and Volunteer Coordinator for Hobnobben Film Festival. She hold Bachelor’s degrees in Women’s Studies and English Communication.

When: Tuesday, August 8, 2017 10:00am-12:00pm

Registration is required. Registration is available online, on the phone (260) 421-1238, or by email  


Governance Out Of The Box – April 20th, 2017

governance-out-of-the-box-april-12-2016Governance Out Of The Box

When: Thursday April 20, 2017 from 5:30pm – 8:00pm

Location: St. Francis Historic Women’s Club

What: Are you a board member with 3 years or less or seeking board service? Join us for a free dinner and networking event with other nonprofit professionals in a beautiful local space downtown. Conversations on governance topics will be facilitated throughout the catered meal. Stay for the after dinner presentation of an interactive mock board meeting with a focus on Robert’s Rules of Order starring Indiana actors and featuring an original and entertaining script. A success last year, this event is a mix of education, comedy, and socializing. We want you to learn, laugh, and engage!

How: Register HERE

Cost: FREE to you

*Get on Board is a project of the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center with grant support provided by Foellinger Foundation.


Planning for Strategic Planning

 “Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” Winston Churchill

“…plans are worthless, but planning is everything.” U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower

Plan to PlanInteresting quotes aren’t they?  Neither great man was referring to the strategic plan nonprofit organizations should have, but the principle is certainly apropos nonetheless.  Planning for Strategic Planning is essential to effective organizations and often required for applying for foundation funding.

Below is the information that was presented at the August 23@4 program.

Strategic Planning to Plan PowerPoint

All About Strategic Planning

Effective Strategic Planning


How Not To Do Strategic Planning

How To Start Strategic Planning

Matrix Map

Strategic Planning Toolkit

Strategic Planning Kit for Dummies


Meet the Funders Re-Cap

In 2016 saw another successful Meet the Funders event which began in the ACPL Theater with a panel of foundation representatives discussing trends in the nonprofit sector, particularly philanthropy.

The Panel

20160802_094220The question of awarding general support or multi-year grants drew the following responses from our panelists:

CFGFW: 90% of our awards are for general support, but we do not award multi-year grants.

Foellinger: we provide both.

Lincoln: presently we provide program support only, though is includes overhead and they award some multi-year grants.

McMillen: our major interests is Wildcats for which we provide general support, for others only capital is funded.

AWS: our first priority is program support, which also includes overhead; second is capital and third is general support. We award few multi-year grants.

A question from the audience about the Fair Labor Act and its effects on local nonprofits elicited mutual concern from the foundations with at least one saying that are looking at the impact it will have. If you want to know more, a Briefing prepared by Indiana Nonprofit Sector Project Kirsten Grønbjerg, Director, Indiana University SPEA reports that “ …the new regulations in the Fair Labor Standards Act are likely to significantly threaten the financial capacity of many nonprofit organizations in Indiana and elsewhere.

Another audience member’s question was about whether having a professional grantwriter is advantageous to their nonprofit’s grant application. Responses from panelists included the following tips (paraphrased):

“A professional grantwriter is not always best…while their writing will be quite good, passion is often missing.”

“…this is a great opportunity for [your] nonprofit board…get them involved [in the application process and writing]”.

“Have the nonprofit’s name and the contact information on the proposal. [I] may not remember the organization and you, just because we spoke on the phone.” Continue reading

Who’s your hero?: Storytelling from Crown Jewel

Justin Sheehan, from Crown Jewel Marketing, last month gave a presentation about storytelling. He asked questions such as

  1. How do we stand out?
  2. How do we cut through the clutter?
  3. How do we get the attention of our donors, volunteers, and the community?

His answer was by a solid brand that is anchored by a clear and compelling message. Simple enough, right?! It can be. However, we must remember that the definition of ‘brand’ is every experience and interaction your audience (aka the hero) has with your organization. It’s the way you answer the phone, the way your facility looks, etc.

For the remainder of the presentation, Justin walked the audience through multiple stories identifying the hero, problem or need, the guide, plan, success, failure, and the call-to-action. As a group we then applied this storytelling model to a few nonprofits in the room.

Conversations at the Coffee ShopCheck out Crown Jewel’s website for Justin’s PowerPoint presentation and story guide. In addition, Justin is offering free one hour consultations, “Conversations at the Coffee Shop,” to help your nonprofit fill out it’s story guide.

2016 Meet the Funders

Tuesday August 2nd

Register here to attend the Forum sessions.
*Registration is not required for the Funder Panel Discussion.

Funder Panel Discussion
9:15 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.
ACPL Main, Theater on Lower Level 2

  • No limit on organization’s attendees for this portion.
  • Invite board members or additional staff to the panel to learn more about the grant-making process and funder-as-partner relationship

Forum sessions
10:00 a.m.-12:05 p.m.
ACPL Main Meeting Rooms

  • Strictly limited to 2 representatives per agency
  • Foundations participating include:
    • Arts United
    • AWS Foundation
    • Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne
    • Foellinger Foundation
    • Lincoln Financial Foundation
    • McMillen Foundation
    • Serve Indiana
    • St. Joseph Community Health Foundation
  • Session 1: 10:00-10:25; Session 2: 10:30-10:55; Break 10:55-11:10;  Session 3: 11:10-11:35; Session 4: 11:40-12:05
  • Registration required to attend the forum portion. 
  • Limited seating means registration fills quickly. Sign up today!

What is Meet the Funders?

Meet the Funders is our biggest and most popular annual event to give you the opportunity to learn local funders’ giving guidelines and updates. This is your chance to Meet the Funders.

Learn more at our Meet the Funders FAQ