Who’s your hero?: Storytelling from Crown Jewel

Justin Sheehan, from Crown Jewel Marketing, last month gave a presentation about storytelling. He asked questions such as

  1. How do we stand out?
  2. How do we cut through the clutter?
  3. How do we get the attention of our donors, volunteers, and the community?

His answer was by a solid brand that is anchored by a clear and compelling message. Simple enough, right?! It can be. However, we must remember that the definition of ‘brand’ is every experience and interaction your audience (aka the hero) has with your organization. It’s the way you answer the phone, the way your facility looks, etc.

For the remainder of the presentation, Justin walked the audience through multiple stories identifying the hero, problem or need, the guide, plan, success, failure, and the call-to-action. As a group we then applied this storytelling model to a few nonprofits in the room.

Conversations at the Coffee ShopCheck out Crown Jewel’s website for Justin’s PowerPoint presentation and story guide. In addition, Justin is offering free one hour consultations, “Conversations at the Coffee Shop,” to help your nonprofit fill out it’s story guide.

New Book: Connecting to Change the World

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Understanding how social networks – not simply social media – impact your mission effectiveness can shift how you approach your mission.

If you’re not already actively engaged in building and understanding networks, you might simply be curious as to what’s possible.

Connecting to Change the World: Harnessing the Power of Networks for Social Impact by Peter Plastrik, Madeleine Taylor, and John Cleveland, demonstrates the possibilities – and outlines designing, weaving, and managing networks.

 “This book sheds light on why some organizations today feel like heavy bricks, whereas others defy gravity.”

Richard McCarthy, Executive Director for Slow Food USA

With a healthy variety of useful appendices, you’re empowered to begin building, assessing, and, in general, applying lessons learned throughout the text.

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New Books: Proposal Writing, Nonprofit Management, Advocacy, Public Relations and Storytelling

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Managing to change the world : the nonprofit manager’s guide to getting results / Alison Green and Jerry Hauser, The Management Center. Living proof : telling your story to make a difference : essential skills for advocates and spokespersons / John Capecci and Timothy Cage. How to win grants : 101 winning strategies / Alan Silver.

Happily Ever After: Nonprofit Storytelling Resources

Nonprofit Storytelling Resources

Our July 23 @ 4 Program put a number of nonprofit storytelling resources into the hands of local nonprofit professionals. Our attendees laughed, shared and were happy to discover that they are in fact using some recommended storytelling practices, like story banking.

Storytelling Resources for Nonprofits attendeesThe biggest take away from the program? Stories motivate, connect, teach, resonate and give meaning to our lives.

Storytelling Resources for Nonprofits program

Nonprofits have a role in telling our good stories to potential donors, volunteers and our communities, so that they can share in our successes.

Check out the slide deck, resource notes, annotated bibliography and then, let us know if you have  questions about nonprofit storytelling resources. Continue reading

Storytelling for Grantseekers, 2nd ed. by Cheryl A. Clarke

Classic resource gets sound update w/new information, exercises and samples

Whether you’re new to proposal writing or not, this is one publication you can’t afford to miss.

Storytelling for Grantseekers
Storytelling for Grantseekers

Clarke explains what seasoned writers know and offers tips to sharpen those skills.

Put a copy on hold today and learn to tell your organizational story in an effective way, every time.

Storytelling as Best Practice
Storytelling as Best Practice

Want more Nonprofit Storytelling Resources? Check out Andy Goodman’s Storytelling as Best Practice.

Who’s Andy Goodman and what else does he offer?