Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship – a Public Relations perspective from PRSA on June 19

Lanah K. Hake, panelist for upcoming PRSA meetup

Have you heard of the PRSA Hoosier Chapter’s Fort Wayne Meetups?

The brainchild of Peter Schnellenberger, the meetups are aimed at connecting Fort Wayne’s talented Public Relations professionals. Because the topic hits home for nonprofits, Peter reached out to us about the upcoming June 19 PRSA meetup, “Corporate Citizenship: Fad or Differentiator?” (Register here)

Peter encouraged us to speak with panelist Lanah Hake Tarango, founder of LanahLink Social Impact Solutions, to learn more about the topic and how it applies to you.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Well, there is a range of semantics and vocabulary used to define this growing concept. It includes terms like Social Impact, Social Return on Investment, Triple Bottom Line, Strategic Community investment, and Corporate Citizenship.

A basic definition would be “helping business understand community impact with both internal and external relationships.” These include considering things from where the money goes to where materials come from and more.

We have more official definitions, like the one from the Harvard Kennedy School, but mostly this is what we’re talking about.

Fundamentally, it’s a shift from thinking of business in isolation to seeing the ripple effect of a business’s decisions and relationships in a local community and even globally.

When strategic, [CSR] has an opportunity to maximize both community outcomes, investment and enhance branding, talent attraction, staff engagement and a range of other desirable outcomes for business.

And we’re talking about the full range of businesses doing CSR – from one-person shops to $50 million corporations.

What role can nonprofits play in CSR?  Continue reading