Statistics, Data, and Other Resources

Finding quantitative data is essential for proposal writing. Below are links to creditable sources for statistical and data resources.

Local Sources

  1. IPFW   (Including Allen County Census Profile)
  2. City of Fort Wayne
  3. Visit Fort Wayne
  4. Great Kids Allen County

State Sources

  1. STATS Indiana
  2. Incontext
  3. State Data Center
  4. IndianaMap
  5. Serve Indiana
  6. Indiana K-12 School Data
  7. Kids Count in Indiana
  8. Lily Family School of Philanthropy
  9. Hoosiers by the Numbers

National Sources

  1. US Census
  2. American FactFinder
  3. FedStats
  4. gov-data
  5. gov-usa
  6. Bureau of Labor
  7. Drug Abuse
  8. ChildStats
  9. Health and Human Services
  10. IssueLab
  11. Urban Institute
  12. Pew Research Center
  13. Brookings Institue

Grant Sources: Foundation Directory Online (Complete access available FREE at PCNRC!)

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