Board Development

Blue Avocado / Board Café
Board Café is a electronic newsletter for and about nonprofit boards. Short enough to read over a cup of coffee, the column appears regularly in Blue Avocado, the online magazine for people who work and volunteer in the nonprofit sector. New Board Café articles can be read on the Blue Avocado website or you can have the magazine delivered to you via email — sign up for a free subscription at

BoardSource is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations by strengthening their boards of directors. Its highly acclaimed programs and services mobilize boards so that organizations fulfill their missions, achieve their goals, increase their impact, and extend their influence.

  • We also have “Kits” of books and cd-roms (with sample forms) available specifically for board members. See our Kits for Board members selection in our catalog.

The Nonprofit FAQ: Board of Directors 
From the National Center for Charitable Statistics, the clearinghouse of data on the nonprofit sector, made available by the Urban Institute. These Frequently Asked Questions cover the topic of Nonprofit Board of Directors.

All About Board of Directors (For Profit and Nonprofit)
From Carter McNamara’s Free Management Library, a set of topic about Board Governance.

Check out our Kits for Board Members

The Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center at the Allen County Public Library offers “Kits” of books and cd-roms with sample forms available specifically for board members.

  • See our Kits for Board members selection in the catalog.
  • Board Member Kit topics include:
    • New Board Member Kit
    • About the Ask – a kit to support you on asking for fundraising support
    • Step-by-step board recruitment
    • Step-by-step board fundraising
    • Chief Executive Toolkit
    • Board Chair Kit
    • and many more!

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