Job Opportunity – Science Central Positions

POSITION: Graphics Design CoordinatorScience Central Logo

POSITION DESCRIPTION: Science Central, a hands-on science center is currently hiring a knowledgeable, self-motivated, self-directed, part-time graphics designer. This person will create new layouts/templates or use existing layouts for various print materials and electronic formats; might assist with press releases and social media.

REQUIRED SKILLS: Ability to develop and complete numerous materials including newsletters, brochures, banners, posters, exhibit signs, shirts, Gift Shop merchandise, etc.; should know and have proficiency with graphics design packages including Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Publisher and PowerPoint, and experienced with web-based software like Joomla CMS, Constant Contact and other database programs; professional in attitude and practice; outgoing and articulate; meticulous and detail-oriented; good grasp of language, both in writing and spelling; good communication skills, able to work well in a team-environment with feedback from others, as well as independently and follow-through on their own; capable of scheduling and leading design meetings; comfortable in an exciting and fast-paced environment; able to handle high stress, multiple activities and deadlines; must have flexibility and capability to adapt to changing priorities and schedules; must be willing to work within a predefined look, as well as a review chain; college-level classes in graphics design, art, etc.; successful completion of criminal background check.

SCHEDULE: Variable hours, ranging from approximately 10-20+ hours per week; flexible schedule, but will include weekdays, and could include some weekends and evenings.

SALARY: $10.00/hour; non-exempt.

APPLY: Open posting, position filled as needed. Obtain application online ( Send completed application, cover letter, resume, list of professional references (minimum of 3), and examples of completed designs (minimum of 5)

POSITION: Part-Time Educators (Education Specialists)

POSITION DESCRIPTION: Involvement with informal, hands-on, educational science center programs (physical, natural and applied sciences); assist in the development and presentation of public, school, scout and special programs; audiences include schools, teachers, community centers, scout groups, families, etc; programs will be done both on-site and out in the community; programs include demonstrations, exhibit interpretation, classes/labs, science camps, birthday parties, outreaches, etc.

REQUIRED SKILLS: Be incredibly prepared and flexible; very responsible and organized, time- and detail-oriented; be creative; comfort with and interest in science and education; have exceptional public speaking abilities, comfortable working with audiences of all sizes/ ages/backgrounds, outgoing, energetic, enthusiastic; professional in attitude and appearance; do moderate lifting (approx. 40 lbs.)

QUALIFICATIONS: College science/education/etc. strongly classes recommended; must have experience in public speaking and/or teaching; experience in the informal science education field preferred.

SCHEDULE: Part-time; variable hours each week; schedule will primarily be Mon-Fri, limited weekend hours, some holidays and evenings; must be flexible. Note that this is not temporary, seasonal employment.

SALARY: $8.00/hour, increased to $10.00/hour after 6-month probationary period; limited time-off benefits

APPLY: Open posting, positions filled as needed. Send cover letter, resume and list of professional references (minimum of 3)

Applications may be sent to:

Human Resources Director

Science Central

1950 North Clinton Street

Fort Wayne, IN   46805

Fax: (260) 422-2899

Job Opportunity – ECA Co-Center Director

Co-Center Director (Full-Time)


The Co-Center Director assists in the planning, organizing, supervising, and professional growth of center staff and operations.  Provides supervision to center staff, maintains full enrollment of children in the child care facility, cultivates relationships with parents and staff, and maintains a child care environment that conforms with state licensing and accreditation guidelines. 
This position is located in Fort Wayne, IN.   

  • Extensive knowledge of policies, procedures, evaluation systems and professional standards utilized in a comprehensive early education learning center, as well as through working knowledge of applicable regulations impacting child care services.
  • Knowledge of management theory and practice to effectively lead center staff.
  • Strong analytical and organizational skills in order to monitor center operating efficiency, compliance with agency policies and procedures, identify individual needs of children/parents and prepare /maintain related documentation/reports.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written.


  • Minimum of an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education, or related field.


  • Minimum three years’ experience providing developmental child care services; and two years supervisory experience.

To apply: Send your resume and cover letter to Please reference the job title in the email subject line.

Applications can be found online at

Early Childhood Alliance
3320 Fairfield Ave
Fort Wayne, IN. 46807

Job Opportunity: Brightpoint Event Coordinator


RFP for Event Coordinator Brightpoint Tiny House Showcase October 13- 15, 2017

Deadline for proposals: May 25,2017 by 5:00 p.m.

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is issued by Community Action of Northeast Indiana, Inc., dba Brightpoint. The purpose of this RFP is to establish a contract with a qualified event coordinator to execute a first-time event called the Brightpoint Tiny House Showcase. The qualified event coordinator will be responsible for overall event logistics, including day-of-event coordination, and overseeing a committee of community volunteers. For more detailed information see the Scope of Work section below.

Event Description

In 2010, Brightpoint entered the housing development world with a 35-home affordable housing subdivision called Hopewell Pointe located on the southwest side of Fort Wayne,Indiana. In the following years, several other affordable housing projects were proposed, but so far none have come to fruition. In December of 2016, we began entertaining the idea of the Tiny House Showcase. In january 2017, the Brightpoint board of directors approved moving forward with the concept.

The objectives of the Brightpoint Tiny House Showcase are to:

  1. Expand awareness of Brightpoint and our housing efforts as an affordable housing developer in Northeast Indiana
  2. Educate and introduce the Tiny House Movement to Fort Wayne residents, city planners,and potential builders
  3. Raise funds for future Brightpoint projects

Brightpoint is seeking the assistance of a professional event coordinator to work alongside our Development staff and volunteer committee members to coordinate a successful high-profile event. We are anticipating 2,ooo- 3,000 attendees for this weekend event to be held October 13-15, 2017. The gross income goal is $6o,ooo with the majority of the funds expected to come in through sponsorships.

Scope of Work: To realize the above, Brightpoint seeks an organized event coordinator to provide the following serv1ces:

General Management

  • Develop a timeline and work plan
  • Plan, organize, and conduct meetings
  • Work with Development staff and volunteers through subcommittees to execute plan
  • Utilize a project management system to organize the event that can be accessed by all involved staff and volunteers
  • Meet with Development staff as needed to provide updates on progress, issues, resources and budget matters.
  • Create and execute event volunteer program and training in coordination with staff and volunteer
  • Submit a post-event evaluation report with recommendations

Day of Event

  • Supervise all aspects of the event and coordinate the logistics and onsite supervision of the event

Questions: Participants may ask questions about the RFP by sending them in writing via email to Jennie Renner ( Participants are asked NOT to contact any other staff, volunteers,or vendors involved with this Brightpoint event.

Full description and instructions for applying here.



Job Opportunity: YWCA Northeast Indiana – President/CEO



Provide leadership to YWCA staff, Board of Directors and committees/task forces in the establishment of effective programs, cost effective and supportive facilities and comprehensive funding sources in support of the organization’s mission.

Responsibilities of the President/CEO:

  • Ability to envision, develop and implement an organizational strategy that will showcase the successful programs and resources the YWCA provides in our community. Responsible for the development of short and long-term goals through strategic planning for the entire organization; for implementation and monitoring of action plans, evaluation of results, and succession planning.
  • Hire and develop a high-performance team. Provide leadership and work direction to all direct reports and their staff with the purpose of developing a management/leadership team to operate at their peak performance of excellence. Oversee the development, maintenance, and personnel administration encompassing all functional areas of human resource management.
  • Be the face of the YWCA. Actively engage the community and work with development team in explaining the mission of the organization to the public through all means of communication; for maintaining effective client relations with distribution agencies; and for maintaining appropriate relations with other social service and professional groups in the community.
  • Oversee the planning and implementation of a comprehensive fund raising program.  This includes “hands on” experience and ability in face-to-face solicitation.
  • Work closely with the Board of Directors and all board committees in an advisory and decision-making capacity.  Ensure that tasks assigned by these bodies are completed.  Act as ex-officio member of the board.
  • Ensure that the YWCA provides human service of significant value in the communities we serve.
  • Responsible for the preparation of the organizational budget for both operational and capital needs for issuance of all checks, vouchers and payments; for monitoring the financial operations of the organization.
  • Responsible for meeting all appropriate legal requirements relative to the operation of the organization, including all public accountability at both state and federal levels.
  • Responsible for the security and maintenance of facilities for the successful operation of the organization.

Requirements of the President/CEO:

  • Bachelor’s in Human Services, Social Service Administration or similar and Master’s required.
  • Experience in the field of health and human services, a residential services facility or with a company in the private sector, interacting with volunteers, non-profit partners and diverse board members.
  • Ability to engage and cultivate long-standing relationships with community partners.
  • In conjunction with the Director of Development, have the insight to create a dynamic annual fund raising component that is sustainable.
  • Experience in developing leaders and building teams.
  • Successful track record in management, including financial management, budgeting, human resources, contract administration, and strategic planning.
  • Must be committed to mission of YWCA.

Resumes can be submitted by Clicking Hereor by sending directly to

Job Opportunity: Love INC Ministry Coordinator

Love INCLove In the Name of Christ of Huntington County  (Love INC) is in search of a full-time Ministry Coordinator to join our team. This position is a program management role, designed to oversee various aspects of Love INC ministries with a primary focus on our Loving Neighbors Relational Ministry and Volunteer Coordination.

Reports To: Executive Director

Purpose: To manage and develop the daily operations of Love INC programs so as to ensure the further implementation of the organization’s mission.

1. Program Management
2. Volunteer Management
3. Leadership

1. Personal relationship with Jesus Christ and agreement with the Apostles’ Creed
2. Understanding of the mission and core values of Love INC
3. Must be highly organized
4. Strong verbal and written communication skills
5. Proficient in leadership and management
6. Ability to work independently and cooperatively
7. Reliability and dependability
8. Healthy, professional boundaries
9. Experience using Microsoft Office
10. Education or experience: Requires a bachelor’s degree and preferred experience in management, social work, organizational leadership, ministry, community development, or related field.

See complete job description.

To apply, please email a PDF of your resume with a cover letter to Applicants who fail to send both of these documents will not be considered.

Applications will be accepted until June 9th, 2017. No calls for inquiry.

Program June 15th: Knowing Your Audience…

Road Warrior Tips for Successful Fundraising

It is widely known that 75% of income for nonprofits comes from individuals, but how many organizations have staff experienced in donor cultivation?

Louise Jackson1Colchin-Eve (002)Join Louise Jackson and Eve Colchin on Thursday, June 15, 2017 from 9:15-11:15 a.m. in Meeting Room C at the Main Library,  as they share a combined 36 years of development experience in understanding the importance of getting to know your audience before you ever make your first donor contact.

Relationship building requires specific skills and this program, by two experienced professionals, will share what they have learned over the years.  You’ll hear examples of their experiences about how etiquette, attire, generational issues, listening to the donor, and working with CEOs affected their success.  At the end of the presentation they will answer audience questions.

Success in fundraising requires knowing who you are cultivating. It requires a strong belief in the cause you are hired to address. A clear strategic direction helps pave the way for success for the organization as well as the fundraiser. It is that same success which in return strengthens the confidence in the fundraiser and organization. Understanding who your donor is, what their interests are, and how they align with the organization, leads to a successful approach in fundraising.

The following six items will lead the first part of the workshop presentation:

A Focus on the Cause vs the Money – Building the relationship, focus on the cause and the donor’s interests:

  • Understanding your donor and building a strong relationship raises more dollars
  • LISTEN to Donor

You Have Something to Offer Donors – Clearly defined mission:

  • Focus on the mission and building a donor pool that strongly believes in what you are working to accomplish
  • You have to believe before you can make the ask

Are Your Goals Realistic? – Are they attainable?

  • Research your donors
    • History of giving
    • Projects funded

Changing Expectations – Difficult to build and retain donors if vision is blurry or constantly changes. Donors sense this uncertainty:

  • TRUST must be built in order for money to follow

MGOs Seek Competent Leadership -Team approach to meet goals. Every aspect of organization plays a role in fundraising.

  • Is the right person making the ask (know your donor)

MGOs Leave When the Job Doesn’t Fit

  • You have to experience success to build success
  • Knowing when to make a switch & when to stay and make a different


Book Review: Because Nonprofits are Messy

The full title of this great book is… Joan Garry’s Guide to Nonprofit Leadership: Because Nonprofits are Messy .

9781119293064.pdfJoan Garry, has been called the Dear Abby of the nonprofit world and she’s the kind of author I enjoy reading. She’s down-to-earth; a skillful raconteur; humorous and wise.  She also doesn’t need to use catchy metaphors (like a hedgehog, or cheese) to write a worthwhile and practical book on nonprofit leadership.

Even the chapter titles make me want to read more:

Chapter 1 The Superpowers of Nonprofit Leadership
Chapter 2: You’ve Got to Get Me at Hello
Chapter 3: Co-Pilots in a Twin-Engine Plane
Chapter 4: The Key Is Not in the Answers. It’s in the Questions
Chapter 5: You Can Do This
Chapter 6: Managing the Paid and the Unpaid (Or, I Came to Change the World, Not Conduct Evaluations)
Chapter 7: When It Hits the Fan
Chapter 8: Hello, I Must Be Going (Or Navigating Leadership Transitions)
Chapter 9: You Are the Champions

And here is a sample of her unique writing style and perspective:

“Because nonprofits are messy. It’s inherent in the formula of the unique beast we call a 501(C)(3).

A + B+ C+ a big dose of intense passion = MESSY

    1. A poorly paid and overworked group (staff) that…
    2. Relies on the efforts of people who get paid nothing (volunteers) and are overseen by…
    3. Another group of volunteers who get paid nothing and are supposed to give and get lots of money (board).”

I admit, I have not yet read this book cover-to-cover, but what I have read has been spot-on and I’m very comfortable recommending it. You can find it in the ACPL catalog here.  We have two copies on the shelves in the PCNRC, let me know if you enjoyed reading it as much as I have.  Marilynn