Meet the Funders 2017

Tuesday, August 22

Join us for the 16th annual Meet the Funders event presented by the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center. There are two portions beginning with a panel discussion, followed by the forum sessions where nonprofit attendees can learn about each foundation in more detail.  This year representatives from Arts United, Lincoln Financial, McMillen Foundation, PNC Bank 2016 MTF paneland St. Joseph Community Health Foundation will be participating.

Panel │9:15-10:00 a.m. │ACPL Theater

The Panel portion begins promptly at 9:15 with funders discussing how their foundation meets its mission through grant awards. Questions for the panel will include:

  • What wisdom would you like young organizations and new grant seekers to know about grant seeking and grant requests?
  • What is the best way to approach your foundation as a first time grant seeking organization?
  • What makes a grant proposal stand out in your mind as well-written and compelling?
  • What are the worst mistakes a grant seeker could make with your foundation?
  • If an organization is granted funding, what kind of information does your foundation require in a grant report, how frequently and how does it affect any future grants? Registration requested but not required.

Forum │10:15 – 12:05 p.m. │Theater, Globe, Meeting rooms A, B & C

MTF forum2016After a fifteen minute break attendees will convene in one of the five locations above to hear from each of the funders in more detail.  This also provides attendees an opportunity to ask more specific questions of  foundation representatives. Register for the Forum here.

Who should attend?  Any staff, or board member of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Allen County and Northeast Indiana (three presenting funders award outside Allen County); new, or novice proposal writers; executive directors, board members of young nonprofit agencies (under 3 years of operations); free-lance grant writers or individuals considering a career in nonprofit development.

What will I get out of those three hours?

For newbies – a better understanding of philanthropy in our community; specific knowledge about the foundations represented and probably some very good tips from them.  Seasoned professional will learn what, if anything, has changed at one or more of their potential or present funding partner. Board members and volunteers – the more you learn about foundations in our community the better prepared you are to support your nonprofit’s staff and programs with understanding.

There is still time to register!


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