The Foundation Center: Great Resources

fdo_logo_newIf the Foundation Directory Online (FDO) is your go-to resource for seeking funding partners then you’ll want to check out their most recent updates. For those reading this that don’t know about the FDO you’ll definitely want to read the rest of the post.

Grant Snapshot allows users to see a full overview of an organization’s funding activity by subject, geographic area, and grant size.  Grant Snapshots considers the most recent five years of grantmaking history. How are Grant Snapshots beneficial to the user? You should be more easily able to find funders that perfectly match your needs, evaluating the funder’s history of funding similar subject areas, grant size, and geographic area.

Map Grants and Chart Grants tools allow you to go to the next level of research. You can drill down to see grants within states, cities, counties, and more. With the Chart Grants tool you can get even more detail in specific grant subject categories. In both tools you can filter by year, see lists of the grant recipients, and view full grant records.

Map of Cross-Border Giving:

  • See grants from U.S. grantmakers to non-U.S. recipient organizations.
  • View grantmaker data from independent, community, company-sponsored, and operating foundations as well as corporate giving programs and grantmaking public charities.

Search Companies: There are 15 search fields available on the Search Companies Screen. Most are tied to indexes that are accessible by clicking on the View Index links, three others provide range searching capability, and the last provides keyword searching capability.

These are just a few of the tools on the FDO.  If you haven’t used it yet we recommend you sign up for Grant Basics 1, a free, two-hour introduction into the database and more. You can find the next class by checking the ACPL Events Calendar.

The Foundation Center is more than a database of foundations and grant awards.  It’s website is a resource for the grant seeker, donor, foundation, nonprofit board and staff . In addition much of the information is

When you visit the Foundation Center’s website you’ll find  drop-down menus across the header.  Here’s a quick peek at what you’ll find in the first three:

  • Gain Knowledge has eight topics on philanthropy which are of particular interest to foundations. They include: foundation maps; landscapes, data, research, ideas, transparency and benchmarks. Foundation services is the last and it is custom projects which collect and analyze data for foundations.
  • Finding Funding has four links, three of which are free resources: FDO Quick Start; 990 Finder; and Foundation Stats.
  • Improve Your Skills has seven topics with links to additional resources, including sample documents:
    • Fundraising
    • Organizational Sustainability
    • Leadership and Management
    • Foundation Center Training
    • GrantSpace
    • GrantCraft
    • Training Experts

In the About Us section you’ll find the locations of over 450 Funding Information Network partners at libraries, community foundations, and other nonprofit resource centers located across the U.S. and several countries.

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