“I Don’t Know Quite How to Say This”: The Language of Strategy – Mike Stone Impact Strategies

strategyWhat does the word ‘strategy’ mean? Mike Stone addresses the different meanings around the word in a past blog post on his Impact Strategies website.

Is it a means to an end like developing strategies? Or the desired end such as the achievement of a strategic position? As Mike Stone points out, we even throw in other concepts into the mix – mission, vision, and/or impact.

Below is his definition of strategy and what it means:

The strategy conveys how your organization believes it can achieve the greatest mission impact in the most sustainable manner. To return to the words of Michael Porter, strategy is mostly about deciding what you will not do, thereby focusing attention and resources on those activities with the greatest mission value.

Dr. Stone’s definition does bring clarity to the word ‘strategy.’ However, how is ‘mission impact’ defined?

The mission impact describes the demonstrable changes that will result from the enactment of the strategy. Said another way, the impact statement operationalizes the mission by highlighting specific changes that occur at the client or participant level.

Got it?!

To read Mike Stone’s full blog post, click here.

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