New Book: Seven Keys to Successful Mentoring

Books are beginning to arrive from our recent order, and we’ll be reviewing them here over the next few weeks. 7keys-to-successful-mentoring

Seven Keys to Successful Mentoring by E. Wayne Hart is one of several books in the Ideas Into Action Series for managers and executives.  It is a small volume with a mere thirty-two pages, but it uses them efficiently.  The book is in a format I very much like – it is much like a manual with one to two pages per topic, with bulleted points and lists of questions it gets right to the point.  It is also a very colorful volume in this new edition!

What you’ll find inside:

  • What is mentoring?
  • The importance of mentoring
  • What mentors do
    • Develop & manage the mentoring relationship
    • Survey
    • Sponsor
    • Guide & counsel
    • Teach
    • Model
    • Motivate & inspire
  • Final thoughts


Mentoring is an intentional, developmental relationship in which a more experienced, more knowledgeable person nurtures the professional and personal life of a less experienced, less knowledgeable person.

Both mentor and mentee realize many benefits from mentoring, as do organizations that encourage, structure, and support mentoring. Effective mentors develop the leadership capacity of their mentees while increasing their own skills. They transfer their knowledge and expertise back into their organizations. They nurture the alignment between employee aspirations and organizational imperatives, and they create depth and loyalty within their organizations.

Leaders who take mentoring seriously and handle it effectively have a profound impact.

ACPL Catalog listing here.



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