Keeping Strategy Alive: The Three Simple Questions – Mike Stone, Impact Strategies

Mike Stone, of Impact Strquestion-everythingategies with a plethora of experience in strategy work, has identified three questions that help push your organization to continually reexamine strategic plans to avoid spending time and effort on strategies that do not last in the long run.

“Strategy is not part of the culture,” which explains why organizations are often lacking a viable strategy even when they have solid and effective plans. Mike stresses the importance of a strategy and its ability to create necessary habits. Once habits are in place, then a culture of strategy may exist.

The first step to keeping strategy alive in an organization is having a strategic directions committee. Mike suggests that if your organization does not have a committee like this, then simply create one. While planning is necessary for success because it allows us to have something “concrete” and “tangible”, it does not stay relevant throughout different stages because the details of a plan eventually become obsolete. Strategy on the other hand should “a) define where an organization needs to be positioned to have the greatest mission impact and be most profitable, and b) identify the challenges and opportunities that lie between the present and that desired position.”

This leads us to Mike’s 3 questions:

  1. What were we thinking then?
  2. What has happened since?
  3. What do we do now?

By asking these questions your organization can maintain a strategy that moves you toward your goals as well as encouraging adjustments for long lasting effectiveness.

To read Mike Stone’s full blog post about keeping strategy alive, click here.

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