Welcome Elana! new PCNRC Intern

Hello! I’m Elana, the new intern at the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center. I’m currently a senior at IPFW majoring in Anthropology and Women’s Studies. I also work at the Fort Wayne Cinema Center. When I’m not at IPFW, the library, or Cinema Center, I can usually be found walking around the Little Wabash Nature Preserve or spending time with my dog Jadie on the couch at home.

I love to consume media and I’m constantly trying to engage people in conversations about books, music, tv, film, etc. I’m also interested in discussing the political world and the ways our identities influence our perspectives and experiences.

Being involved inelana_pic the community is important to me and I’m always looking for opportunities to help people become more informed and active citizens. I’m excited to be at the PCNRC because my internship allows me to assist people in accessing information and transforming knowledge into action.

I look forward to meeting people as I spend more time at the PCNRC desk! – Elana

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