23rd @ 4pm: Fear and Loathing of …the Strategic Plan

Do the words strategic plan make your heart race, your palms sweat? Strategic-Planning-Process
You are not alone. Join your nonprofit colleagues on August 23, 2016 where we’ll look at the reasons why we’re afraid of:
  1. having to make a strategic plan
  2. having the planning process delay our day-to-day work
  3. the planning process costing money we’d rather spend on doing our work
  4. the plan being obsolete or being put on a shelf and never getting used
  5. failing to meet the goals put in the plan
Don’t fear! This infonet* will:
  • help you prepare for the process
  • explain what’s involved
  • give you tools to get the information needed
  • show you the difference between a work plan and a strategic plan
  • give you the courage to go for it!
All we have to fear is… not having a strategic plan. Marilynn Fauth coordinatorwill be presenting. Register here.
* an infonet is how the PCNRC describes our 23rd @ 4 p.m. program.They are intended to introduce information in an informal setting in one hour or less, and are perfect forums for networking with, and learning from others in the sector.

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