Philanthropy in Allen County: Carrie Minnich

Philanthropy Fort Wayne is a short series of features designed to highlight why and how members of the Fort Wayne Community support nonprofits.  Over the course of the summer, we’ll be featuring responses from different nonprofit professionals, volunteers, employees, and board members to showcase Allen County nonprofits!

Carrie Minnich

Carrie Minnich

What nonprofit organizations are you associated with and in which capacities (employee, volunteer, board member, etc.)?

I currently serve on the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir board but I also work with many nonprofit organizations in my day job as an accountant. I also serve as the CPA Adviser for the Upstate Alliance of Realtors and have volunteered for many years for the United Way Day of Caring.

How did you first become involved with your current organization(s)? 

After serving on the Foellinger Foundation’s Community Interest Grant Review Committee (which if you have a chance to do so, I’d highly recommend it), I was approached by the Choir to serve on their board.

What is your favorite part of the organization(s) you work with? Why?

My favorite part about serving the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir is being able to see all of the amazing things that the kids are able to accomplish. Having no musical talents myself, I find it amazing how quickly the kids are able to learn to read music and sing so wonderfully. And they can sign in different languages! It’s pretty amazing. Jonathan Busarow, the Executive Artistic Director, has shown the board different learning tools used with the Choir so we can experience what the kids do. Again, it’s amazing! And the Choir just returned from a European tour where they got to travel to Hungary (and other countries) where the Kodaly method of music education started. This is the method used by the Choir to teach kids how to read music.
Another reason that I enjoy serving the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir is the passion that all of those involved with the Choir have, from the board to the staff to the volunteers.

What makes working with nonprofits fulfilling for you? What is the coolest thing about the organization(s) you work with?  

I have a passion for working with nonprofits. Not only the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir but all of the other nonprofits that I work with in my day job. I love seeing the impact that these organizations have in the community. I think often times nonprofits and their contribution get overlooked but without them, the community wouldn’t be able to survive. I love being able to help an organization tell their story through their financial information. Nonprofits face unique challenges and I enjoy being able to help them with these so that they can focus on their mission.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I love nonprofits!

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