You Caught Me: A Fundraiser’s Journey

Kelly UpdikeKelly Updike for PCNRC

If you remember the June 2016 blog, I suggested that we make that our Deep Thinking Month. Did you do it? Well, did you at least do the not-thinking-about-anything-at-all part? I tried to do that last one but fell asleep, so I’ve had to pencil that time into July.

I confess that, during my Deep Thinking time in sunny-stormy June, it came to me that I need a lot of help. No, silly, I’m fine, not that kind of help. I mean the kind where I let go a little bit and allow, perhaps even assist, others in doing their jobs.

My organization is ready to create a new strategic plan. I have lots of thoughts on this and was talking to a couple of consultants about it when I realized … hey, … what does the board really want to do? Um, did I ask? Shouldn’t the leaders lead? So, we regrouped and they are now foremost in the discussion on this while also giving equal time to the staff in determining that direction.

We also are planning our budget for the new fiscal year and it occurred to me that several top staffers need and deserve some new opportunities. They might tell you that I need to let them off their chain. Oops. So, as we look at budget, of which personnel expense is the biggest percentage of course, this is a great chance to be strategic about growth and maturation for the people who ARE the organization. Here’s a cool online tool on Successful Delegation:

Best of all, there are others who want to help us make our leaders better. The Foellinger Foundation offers three types of Capacity Building grants: Transform, Renew and Inspire. Information is at In addition, the Foellinger Foundation recently launched the Barbara Burt Leadership Fund for nonprofit board members. That information is at Questions about the fund can be directed to Christine Meek, Director of Programs at the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne.

You need a plan (July can be Deep Thinking Month, too), so take the time to pause, think, grow.

Interesting online resources are at:


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One thought on “You Caught Me: A Fundraiser’s Journey

  1. This is one of the BEST guest blog’s I’ve read on PCNRC’s website! Thank you, Kelly for sharing your thoughts and resources. This post has come at an excellent time (personally) and it really spoke to me. Thank you!


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