Giving Statistics for Generation X and Y

Are certain generations an enigma to you? Well, Society for Nonprofits’ magazine Nonprofit World recently published an article about generational giving. Their angle is to learn and share how and why each generation gives so that we in the nonprofit sector can better approach fundraising.

Below is a breakdown of some of the statistics.

Generation X Generation Y
U.S. population 62 million 83 million
Birth years 1960-1980 1980-to the present
U.S. workforce 32% 25%
% Donate 58% 56%
Average annual contribution $796.00 $341.00
How they learn about charities 1st – mainstream media 1st – mainstream media
2nd – word-of-mouth 2nd – word-of-mouth
Best way to solicit By a friend By a friend

peopleSo how do you engage the Generation X and Y donors? The article gives six tips:

  1. Host events for young professionals.
  2. Recruit for board and committee roles.
  3. Engage in multi-channel communication.
  4. Ask young professionals to engage their peers.
  5. Offer tiered membership structures.
  6. Provide philanthropic resources and trainings.

To read the full article, stop by the PCNRC and check out the periodical – Nonprofit World, Volume 34, Number 2.

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