Increase in Giving


Good news was reported by the recently released Giving USA 2016: The Annual Report – individual giving for a second year in a row has gone up! Personally, I gave to two organizations in the past month. Normally, I do not do that. In both situations I was emotionally invested in the people connected to the organization. I am just one of many who has contributed to the 4.1% growth in small charitable contributions.

Not only is individual giving on the rise, giving increased in all issue areas. For example, giving to religious causes was up 2.7%, education up 8.9%, and human services up 4.2%.

The only decrease in charitable contributions was to foundations. Unfortunately that fell 3.8%. It seems more individuals are inclined to give directly to a cause that matters to them, just like I did.

So why the growth over the last two years? The report indicated that it was due to improving economic conditions and household finances stabilizing.


Click here to read the Giving USA 2016 report highlights.

Click here to read the Philanthropy News Digest article about the Giving USA 2016 report.

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