Being a Smart Donor

At the end of April we participated in the national Money Smart Week campaign. The purpose of this event is to promote public awareness in helping individuals manage their finances. Our take on the matter was how to be a smart donor. So you may ask, how do you make smart donations? Well, let me share with you what you can do.

  1. donateGive to charities you already know.
  2. Make sure the charity is the correct one.
  3. Is your gift tax-deductible?
  4. Give donations locally.
  5. Volunteer for a charity before giving.
  6. Research the charity.

Also, beware donating online. There are lots of scams out there! Here are some other online specific smart donor tips.

  1. Check the organization’s website and look for their mission statement, address, board of directors, EIN number, and/or 990.
  2. Be sure the website has encryption technology before typing in your credit card information.
  3. Keep a paper copy of your donation.

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