Skill Based Volunteers and Social Media

My guess is that you have heard the term “Skill Based Volunteers” and are not 100% sure what that might be. Or how it would work?

The definition is, “The promise of the nonprofit sector partnering with the tech sector to take social change to scale,” or “connecting talent with opportunity”.

And what about Social Media and on-line tools? This concept is tech-heavy including social media sites such as LinkedIn, Catchafire, Taproot and other networks. VolunteerMatch (LinkedIn’s partner) seems to be the leader with one of the most visited portals for volunteers. VolunteerMatch is now reporting that nearly 40,000 skilled volunteer opportunities have been posted.

But how does this happen on a local level? How can a Volunteer Manager implement Skill Based Volunteerism in their agency or their community? What “skills” are needed? Volunteer needs may be as straight forward as a Yoga Instructor for a senior community, or an Engineer with space planning expertise for a new location for a major non-profit.

How can we locate these precious Skill Based volunteers? Let’s do it at NO COST with Social Media!

Survey Monkey:

Send a short survey and ask what Skill Based Volunteers that they might utilize?

Join LinkedIn:

If you are interested in joining the 10,000,000 LinkedIn members already participating in the program just add the Volunteer & Causes field to your LinkedIn profile and indicate that you are interested in “skills-based volunteering’ opportunities”.

Use Sign Up Genius: A FREE online software tool for volunteer management and event planning

Facebook: Most of us have Facebook pages for our agency. But did you know that it will grow and prosper by doing a “like” to local funders, professional groups, and service groups?

Google:   Established Business Networking Groups are a great resource.  In our geographic area we find Engineers Club, Active 20-30 Club, Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana, fwPASS – Professional Association for SQL Server (Microsoft Business Intelligence). And let’s not forget those generous local Union Professionals; UAW, Plumbers and Steamfitters, International Brotherhood of Electronics Workers, and many more.

Let’s use this opportunity to put the power of technology to good use. You’ll be surprised how much good you’ll accomplish.

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