All Aboard – Empowering Emerging Leaders

All Aboard – Empowering Emerging Leaders

young leaderWhen: Thursday, April 21, 2016 4:00pm-6:00pm

Location: Allen County Public Library, Main, Meeting Room C

What: We often like to look at Millenials as some oddity within the workplace, but in reality they are just another generation of emerging leaders who have grown up with unique experiences and are looking for ways to be engaged and utilized. So if we as non-profits are looking for strong committed employees and volunteers, then we need to grow into organizations that will help this generation thrive in the workplace. Join uLEAD, Inc, an organization dedicated to cultivating servant leadership in organizations and individuals, as we explore key characteristics to engaging the Millennial generation. Come have some fun, learn a few things, and take away a passion for becoming an organization that empowers this new generation of leaders.

Speaker: Ben Rheinheimer, Director of Educational Development at uLEAD, Inc. Even though he just missed the generational cut himself, Ben still has a passion for working with Millennials and their quest to engage as leaders in the workplace. Ben has worked with Millennials in school systems, nonprofits, and church settings for the past 15 years and this passion is reflected in his current work at uLEAD. uLEAD creates interactive servant leadership experiences aimed at developing current and future leaders.

How: Register HERE

Cost: FREE

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