Does Your Nonprofit Need to Hire a CPA? – from DWD “Mission-Minded” blog

Carrie Minnich (2) (576x800)Carrie Minnich, CPA at DWD, posed the question – does your nonprofit need to hire a CPA? Her answer is yes and I would agree.

First, many nonprofit professionals are not certified CPAs. Let’s face it, some of us are not great with numbers or tax code in general. Although nonprofit professionals do have a long list of strengths, understanding accounting practices and regulations may not be one of them. For that reason, a CPA (who goes through a lot of training and continued professional development) is a beneficial resource.

Second, nonprofits must be transparent and are held highly accountable for both financial and non-financial information. Minnich points out that as a result “…timely and accurate reporting is a must.” A CPA who specializes in nonprofits can provide invaluable guidance.

Read the author’s full post here.

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