Donations through YouTube

YouTubeDoes your nonprofit post any videos to YouTube? Are you enrolled in YouTube’s Nonprofit Program? If you answered yes to the last question, you already know about the YouTube channel donate button with a link to Google Wallet. Click HERE for more information about the perks of YouTube’s Nonprofit Program.

YouTube recently released that creators can add donation cards to their videos. There are two options for using these donation cards. First, YouTube creators who produce their own content but care about your nonprofit can add a donation card featuring your nonprofit to their videos. Thus, they can solicit donations on behalf of the nonprofit. Second, if your nonprofit puts videos on YouTube, you can add donation cards to your own videos. Donation cards simplify the donation process. It’s as easy as clicking on the card, and the donor’s information remains anonymous. Read more about how donation cards work HERE.

Is there a cost for the cards? Lucky for you, no. Google (which recently acquired YouTube) covers the processing fees of the donations through Network for Good, so your nonprofit receives 100% of the donations.

U.S. Coins and Paper MoneyDon’t forget that your nonprofit can produce a free PSA video through the PCNRC and Access Fort Wayne. You can then put this video on YouTube, add a donate button to your channel (if you’re part of YouTube’s Nonprofit Program) or a donation card to the video, and let donors click away. For more information about PSAs, see our website.

For more information on donation cards, see the Nonprofit Quarterly or The NonProfit Times. Also, check out YouTube’s helpful donation card outreach toolkit.


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