Community Radio Station Ready to Launch!

Do you remember our blog post from this past September about WELT, the new community radio station? Well, it’s ready to launch!welt-95-7-logo

About the Station

WELT (We Encourage Local Talent), 95.7 FM, will operate from the Access Fort Wayne space in the main library downtown.

Erik Möllberg, assistant manager for Access Fort Wayne, is the station manager for WELT. The transmission tower for the station is located on IPFW’s campus.

Local programming will be broadcast 24 hours a day, including a range of music, topical discussions, politics, and much more! This programming will be produced by volunteers.

The official sign-on is scheduled for February 16!

Nonprofit PSAs on WELT

As we explained in our previous blog post, nonprofits will have an opportunity to have a PSA played. Nonprofit PSAs will be stored in a database and rotated by the DJs. PSAs can be 30 or 60 second segments. Nonprofits can record more than one PSA, for example a general one and another one for a specific focus. PSAs cannot include a call to action or no pricing for events. Nonprofits can mention in their PSAs free events open to the public.

How to Get Involved

Step 1 – make an appointment with Erik to record your PSA!

Erik’s contact information: or 260-421-1248

You can also volunteer or send program ideas to Eric.

For more information about WELT, read our previous blog post or a recent local news article about the station.

Access Fort Wayne PSAs

While we’re on the subject of PSAs, don’t forget that the PCNRC has teamed up with Access Fort Wayne to help Northeast Indiana nonprofits produce short video PSAs. You can share these videos online, embed them in newsletters, and more!

If your nonprofit is interested in creating a free video PSA, please read through the appropriate documents on our website before contacting us. The “How to make a PSA” document will guide you through the steps.

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