Nonprofit Questions Answered by “Rita” and “Dr. Conflict”

Have you ever looked at the “Ask Rita” and “Dr. Conflict” archives on the Blue Avocado and Nonprofit Quarterly websites, respectively? We at PCNRC often reference these national publications. Both sites are similar in structure: a question marknonprofit professional can submit a question to the website involving some sort of workplace conflict or difficulty. Then, the question might be answered by “Rita” or “Dr. Conflict”!

“Ask Rita”

Blue Avocado’s “Ask Rita” feature leans more toward the legal side. If you browse the archives, you’ll find questions about job descriptions, volunteer insurance, performance evaluations, and much more! The “Rita” feature is actually written by three HR attorneys, so the answers state things in clear legal terms.

My favorite “Ask Rita” article? “Firing Someone for Slamming Their Nonprofit Employer on Social Media: Legal Update.” Spoiler Alert: The answer is more complicated than you might think.

“Dr. Conflict”

Nonprofit Quarterly’s opinion feature called “Dr. Conflict” is written by Mark Light, MBA, PhD. A lot of the questions in the “Dr. Conflict” feature concern board difficulties, as well as personnel problems, such as office bullies.

As is the case with “Ask Rita,” it’s worth your time to browse the archives. Who knows? Maybe you’ll stumble upon a question you can relate to, and perhaps you’ll find “Dr. Conflict’s” answer helpful for your own situation.

My favorite “Dr. Conflict” article? “About That %$@# Troublemaking Board Member…

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