Fundraising in 2015: The Nonprofit Research Collaborative Report and Survey

nonprofit research collaborative

Have you read the Nonprofit Research Collaborative’s (NRC) recent study titled “Special Report on Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns”? The report is available for free on their website. It covers fundraising and campaign findings in the nonprofit sector for 2015. Or, in specific nonprofit language, it’s about “capital, endowment, comprehensive, or special campaigns in addition to charitable receipts at nonprofit organizations in the United States and Canada.”

In case you haven’t yet read about the report on the NRC’s website or through other sources such as Nonprofit Times, here’s a quick run-down of some interesting findings:

Boost in Fundraising

Overall: “59% of respondents saw fundraising receipts increase from January through June 2015, compared with the same time last year. This is an increase from 52% in 2014, and similar to results in 2013, which saw 58% of respondents reporting an increase in funding receipts.”

Education: “Charitable receipts rose at 71% of Education organizations, much higher than the 58% seeing increases as of mid-2014.”

Social Service: “63% of Human Service organizations saw charitable receipts increase, much greater than the 48% reported last year. This is the first time that more than half of Human Service charities have seen an increase as of mid-year since we began tracking in 2011.”


Overall” “27% of organizations reported being in a capital, comprehensive or combined campaign as of summer 2015 and 19% reported being in a special campaign. This means nearly half of all organizations in this survey had a focused effort to raise funds.”

Education: “Education organizations are more likely than all other sub-sectors to be in or to have previously conducted capital, endowment, or comprehensive campaigns.”

*Source: NRC report

earYou Can Contribute!

The NRC’s winter 2016 study on fundraising is currently open. You can complete it on behalf of your organization here. This is your change to contribute, so let your voice be heard!

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