February 23@4: Press Releases

What: Six ways to make sure reporters won’t delete your press releases!

Who: Jaclyn Garver, Media Relations and Communications Coordinator at Ivy Tech

JGarverJaclyn Garver is the creator and editor/primary writer of Green Light, a section of the College’s news and events blog for the campus and community. She has also written blogs for previous employers like The Journal Gazette, including the successful new-to-Fort-Wayne blog, Making Myself at Home. Jaclyn has a degree in newspaper journalism from Kent State University and specializes in writing conversational copy that addresses and connects with her audience.

When: Tuesday February 23, 2016 from 4-5 pm

Where: Allen County Public Library, Main, Meeting Room C

Why: New to the press release game? Let me give you some simple, basic tips to assure the most reporters possible open–and read!–your news releases. And the best part? You can incorporate most of these tips right away.

Please note that this program is intended for individuals who have limited or no knowledge of press releases.

How: Sign up here to attend.

 23 @ 4 Programs provides attendees with an overview of a topic with reviews of quality resources and materials packed into 60 minutes. These are not intended to be workshops or classes, but rather resource review programs that require less of your time and more of your interest to peruse the materials on your own.

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