Corporate and Group Volunteering

To quote the newly deceased David Bowie, “We are Ch-ch-Changing”.

That seems to be the new mantra in the corporate volunteer world. In the new age of corporate social responsibility it’s a great idea to gather a force of volunteers to invest in projects that groups believe in passionately. The request is for dramatic one-time events that can be completed in just a few hours.

Here are some examples from The Volunteer Center with planning, coordinating, and supporting corporate volunteer requests.

Target Store Maintenance Staff- wanted to use their skills to assist low income children. We sent them to Early Childhood Alliance to inspect their furnace and air conditioning units. They also power-washed the building.

Excelis Corporation – requested projects that assisted with homeless Veterans. The employee team painted a number of rooms and installed new shelving systems at both Lugar Safe Haven and Liberty Landing sites.

Altria Corporation– requested a project to support low-income children. The Regional employee group purchased new warm winter coats for children in the community and worked a full five hours sorting mountains of donated coats for the “Coats for Kids” campaign.

Air Force Recruiting Office – requested outside volunteering events for new recruits. Eager young recruits worked together to rake McMillan Park and spread mulch over the vast playground area. The next morning the new recruits boarded a bus together to start their new military careers.

How can you be a part of the corporate volunteer world?

One thing you can do is contact Jean Joley, Executive Director of Volunteer Center for guidance.

Written by Jean Joley, Executive Director of Volunteer Center for PCNRC. The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect the view of the Volunteer Center or the PCNRC.

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