Tell Your Story to the Media

Kelly picA Fundraiser’s Journey
: Kelly Updike for PCNRC

Marketing on Zero Dollars: Tell Your Story to the Media

 So, you’ve been working on your elevator speech and are now happily giving out 15-second mini-mission statements to everyone you meet. Now, let’s take those nuggets of organizational pride and spread the word out to a bigger audience.

One of the best ways to promote your organization is to understand and use news media. I’m talking about the free stuff: news coverage.
First, you need to think like a news reporter. This is a lot like preparing your elevator speech.

Your organization has information that the community wants to hear! Take a look around your organization and at what it’s doing. What makes you special, what makes you proud and what should people know about your work, your mission, your people (staff, volunteers, board)?

Next, carefully watch TV news and talk shows, read the papers and area magazines, listen to the local radio stations and absorb the coverage from the reporters’ perspectives. Think like a news reporter. What news stories are they covering? What do they want? Well, they seek something interesting, fresh and visual (photos and video apply to both TV and print media).

For example, Animal Care & Control recently ran out of dogs available for adoption. It was for only one day and maybe they could have thought this was a bad thing for their customers. Instead, they quickly notified news media about this very rare and special occasion. Lots of positive coverage ensued about the good works of Animal Care & Control.

Bonus round: The holiday season is a great time to take an outside-looking-in view of your organization and look at what makes you shiny and special.

The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect the view of the Embassy or the PCNRC.

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