Volunteering During the Holidays

The Holiday Season always seems to bring out the best in people. They feel the need to go out and volunteer and they usually start calling all the hospitals, soup kitchens and other non-profits in the community. And those sites most likely will have all their volunteer positions filled. We in the human service world can only accommodate a limited number of unscreened/spontaneous volunteers! Where do we send them?

Here are some ideas:

Nursing Homes and Senior Living Communities

Sad to say, there are some people in facilities who will not have any visitors during the Holidays. The staff can identify residents who could use a visit and a cheerful face during a short visit. Many residents love children and would welcome a drawing and a song.

Group Homes for Developmentally Disabled Adults

Call prior to going! A number of group homes welcome a short visit and a wish for a “Happy Holiday”.happy holidays

Easter Seal ARC – (260) 456-4534

Benchmark Human Services – (260) 744-6145

Pathfinders – (260) 456-2584

Salvation Army

Always a way to help the community with the Salvation Army! It might be too late to be a bell-ringer but they have a number of facilities who house the homeless and would welcome a short visit and a tray of Christmas cookies. Call them at (260) 744-2311.

Shelters for Homeless Veterans

Local Veterans living in shelters could use a short visit, a child’s drawing, or a plate of homemade cookies.

Shepherd’s House (260) 424-2500

Lugar Safe Haven (260)387-5295

Liberty Landing (260) 260-755-6154

Family Homeless Shelters

A basket of fruit, a board game, or Christmas Cookies would be most welcome.

Vincent Village

Just Neighbors

Community Harvest Food Bank and Associated Churches

They may not be open Christmas Day but the greatest need for food supplies comes in January. So maybe a “food collection drive” in the neighborhood might put everyone in the right spirit of giving.

Coats of Kids – warm winter children’s coats

Lots of opportunities for families to help at the sorting and packing site. Schools and social service agencies place orders by gender and sizes. It takes a lot of people to help pack the orders and get them ready for delivery. Call them at (260)424-3505.

Written by Jean Joley, Executive Director of Volunteer Center for PCNRC. The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect the view of the Volunteer Center or the PCNRC.

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