DeKalb Community Growth Network (DCGN) Executive Director

Ambassador Enterprises has one available position.

1. DCGN Executive Director

Position Purpose

To provide strategic and tactical leadership to community development networks that help individuals and organizations in DeKalb County reach their full potential.

Duties and Responsibilities

Collaborate: Develop | Assist
o Initiate and develop relationships in a manner consistent with Ambassador Enterprises’ culture and values.
o Forge new relationships with potential partners, whether permanent, visiting, or referral based.
o Focus on results with metrics tied to financial, eternal, and cultural returns.
o Address issues before they become problems.
o Develop plans and processes to guide DCGN toward its strategic goals.
o Research cultural trends; work with partners and within networks to introduce creative and innovative programming in accordance with those trends.
o Drive the development of production and delivery of products with county and regional members.
o Demonstrate an optimistic, resilient attitude and perspective.
o Communicate effectively in written and verbal form with Ambassador Enterprises’ management.
o Work collaboratively as well as independently.
o Research funding sources, oversee the development of fund raising plans, and write funding proposals.

Coordinate: Manage | Arrange
o Lead and facilitate all activities related to partners, programming, property, and personnel.
o Coordinate the organization’s involvement in the Regional Cities Initiative, and be a strong advocate for the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership.
o Coordinate the interviewing, reviewing, and hiring of all team members.
o Demonstrate strong leadership and collaboration skills.
o Be aware of all ongoing programs offered at the facility.
o Create, manage, and track all budgets.
o Use good judgment in prioritizing in a fast-paced environment.
o Cultivate a “can do” creative ability to accomplish difficult tasks.

Conduct: Perform | Maintain
o Facilitate community involvement wherever and whenever possible.
o Demonstrate an action-oriented, entrepreneurial, adaptable, and innovative approach to business planning.
o Report regularly on key measures of community vitality in DeKalb County.
o Conduct meetings with all who want to learn more about AE’s programs.
o Offer training programs and personal development planning for team members.
o Conduct periodic performance reviews.
o Perform typical office activities, such as:
o Operating a variety of tools, computers, and other electronic equipment.
o Using visual abilities, including close vision and adjusting focus.
o Walking, sitting, standing, bending, talking, hearing.
o Periodically moving or lifting up to 50lbs.
o Tolerating moderate noise levels.

Required Qualifications

o Masters or other advanced degree and at least five years of management experience.
o Strong written and verbal communication skills, a persuasive and passionate communicator with excellent interpersonal and multidisciplinary project skills.
o Preferred resident of DeKalb County or history in DeKalb County.

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