Strengthening Your Board Service Muscles

Mike Stone from Impact Strategies recently gave another engaging Board Bootcamp workshop Saturday November 7th. For those who are not familiar with the Board Bootcamp Get on Board program, it is for emerging leaders or new nonprofit board members with two years or less board experience. Bootcamp is also beneficial for Executive Directors to reinvigorate their knowledge of Board responsibilities or to learn from the discussions in the room.

IMG_2570In this 3 1/2 hour course, Mike spoke about the nonprofit sector and nonprofit boards, board roles and structures, and how to find your place with an organization. As a first time attendee, there was a lot of valuable information packed into a short time period! The combination of facts, core principles, and group discussion made this workshop significantly useful.

A key conversation for me was the life-cycle of a nonprofit. Where are they in their life-cycle? Start-up? Growth? Maturity? Decline? Turnaround? Board service is not only having the tools to successfully carry out the mission, or fulfilling the Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards, but to know yourself and what you do best. For me, I handle change well and like to create. I know that certain stages in a nonprofit life-cycle would best fit my personality and skill set. I then seek those opportunities.

Cheers to all the “Bootcampers” who have strengthened your board service muscles and are contributing to our community!


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