Next Board Bootcamp November 7, 2015

Are you a new board member? Has your organization recruited new board members in the last year? Or curious about how you can begin to engage in nonprofit service? Sign them up for Board Bootcamp today!


Board Bootcamp is for emerging leaders or new nonprofit board members with two years or less* board experience or who are wondering if board service is right for them.

Mike Stone, Bootcamp Facilitator

Mike Stone, Impact Strategies, Inc.
Mike Stone, Impact Strategies, Inc.


Expert facilitator Mike Stone from Impact Strategies, Inc. leads Board Bootcamp, introducing:

-basics of the nonprofit sector

-responsibilities of a board member

-how to find a fit with an organization


Saturday November 7th, 2015 from 9 am to 12 pm


Allen County Public Library, Main in Meeting Room C


Program costs $10. Can be paid in cash or check.  Due Monday November 2nd. Payable to Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center. Drop off payment at the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center or mail to Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center 900 Library Plaza, Fort Wayne, IN 46802.

RSVP required. Click here to register online.

Next steps?

After Bootcamp connect to area nonprofits with mutual interests at a Get Connected: Nonprofit Speed Dating, day and time to be announced.

Participants will also be able to connect with Stewardship Award nominees* through Stewardship Lunches if interested.

*Who are Stewardship Award nominees? Our community is fortunate to have many board members who exemplify at least three of BoardSource’s “Ten Basic Responsibilities of a Board.” Since 2005, Foellinger Foundation has honored these individuals annually through their Stewardship Award.

We’ll connect you to nominees based on their experiences, your interests and your mutual desires to serve.

pcnrc and foellinger

*If you have served on a nonprofit board for more than two years, contact the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center at about alternative board member services in our community.

Board Bootcamp is a Get on Board program of the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center with grant support by Foellinger Foundation. In 2011, we partnered with YLNI to enhance and expand their existing program. After several years of success, we have since taken responsibility for the project, working with YLNI to share the opportunity with their audience.

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