Community Radio Hitting the Air Waves Soon

Erik Möllberg, Assistant Manager of Access Fort Wayne, was our guest speaker for the 23@4 program on September 23, 2015. He spoke about the upcoming non-commercial, listener-sponsored, member-controlled community radio station and even gave a tour of the studio!


WELT 95.7 FM is licensed by the FFC to broadcast in Allen County. The station will have a 7-8 mile reach. Much of the production will come from the studio at the Main branch of the Allen County Public Library. About 18 hours of programming will be through IPFW. The physical radio tower will be at IPFW. Recording will be done at the library, audio files will be sent to IPFW, and then IPFW will transmit.

Nuts and Bolts

The station is currently not on air. Erik anticipates that the station will be on air as early as mid October and as late as April 2016. The station will also be streaming live and have downloadable podcasts for the informational programming.

The Station

The broadcasts will be commercial-free and produced by individuals in our community. Programming for the station will be very diverse and reflect the Allen County community. WELT-LP’s mission in part is to “[provide] a forum for both the discussion of public issues and the expansion of musical and cultural experiences…” As Erik said, “It will be very niche based.”

Programming will range from talk to music. Talk topics cover many areas such as health, cooking, Veterans, legal women issues, archaeology, and the LGBT community. Music will be played from around the world. The radio programming will be presented with a local human perspective with respect for all people and cultures. It will address concerns and interests by those who are under-represented by other media. Erik mentioned, “It is getting those who don’t have a voice out there.”

In addition, the radio will be in English, Burmese, Spanish, and Arabic. There will also be opportunities to call in live for the talk shows or for other programs with the DJs.

Your role

As part of the station, non profits will have an opportunity to have a PSA played. Non profit PSAs will be stored in a database and rotated by the DJs. PSAs can be 30 or 60 second segments. Non profits can record more than one PSA, for example a general one and another one for a specific focus. PSAs cannot include a call to action or no pricing for events. Non profits can mention in their PSAs free events open to the public.

How you can be involved

Step 1 – make an appointment with Erik to record your PSA!

Erik’s contact information: or 260-421-1248

Other steps – volunteer or send ideas for programs to Erik.

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