Meet Our New Intern, Katrina

Hello World,

My name is Katrina and I’m the new PCNRC intern. I graduated in May of 2015 from Ball State University with a degree in Anthropology and a minor in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution. Katrina Pieri for wordpressI’m looking forward to this amazing opportunity to learn more about how nonprofits function. I plan on working in the nonprofit field throughout my life. This may involve working directly for a nonprofit, volunteering, or perhaps even starting my own nonprofit.

I’m also particularly excited to be working at the library because my second career goal is to become a published novelist.* As the daughter of a librarian, I spent many years growing up listening to my father read Harry Potter (and other books, though mainly Harry Potter) and attempting to write my own magical stories.

Besides reading (as you might guess) and writing, I also have a great passion for traveling. So far, I’ve been to Italy, Germany, China, and Vietnam, in that order. I’ve also been to Canada, but it seems no one ever counts poor Canada when listing off countries in this fashion. I have a rather lofty goal of visiting every country in the world. It’s been done before and it can certainly be done again.

For anyone reading this, I hope to meet you in person sometime, whether you visit the PCNRC to utilize our resources or attend one of our upcoming programs!

*Cue jokes about how we all know someone who is ‘writing a novel.’

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