Infographics: A Storytelling Tool

Have you checked the weather lately? Or looked at a road sign? Both are infographics.

Here nor there, inforgraphics across the ages visually represent large amounts of data into a condensed, easily absorbed format. And who wouldn’t want that in our busy, get ’em and go lives?!

Why all the fuss?

ALS ice bucket
Fundraiser that swept the nation – ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, in an infographic.

We are all inundated with information and thanks to the internet at our fingertips 24/7. Data can get lost and generally people are not reading as much either. There is great competition for brands, nonprofits, and companies trying to get people’s attention for their cause or product. To de-clutter the massive data and to make a message stand out, more and more infographics are being used. Social science studies about online behavior have shown that images are the most effective way to communicate.1 Hands down, infographics are an important tool to relay data to audiences and contribute in telling your story.

Creating your own infographics

There are two ways you can jump on the infographics bandwagon – hire a professional or two, in house. According to Nonprofit Tech for Good, infographic design fees can vary greatly based on a number of factors and cost from $1 to $10,000. Most small nonprofits are not able to add a new line item on their budget for infographics, so here are some free websites where a creative person can make their own.

  1. Piktochart 
  2. (free account with limited templates)

Buyer beware

Some infographics have errors so beware of the data presented. Also beware of what you create – find sources that are creditable. There is the saying, “think before you link.” It is always a good suggestion to vet the data before you share with your audiences.


Want to learn more? Check out the following sites.

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1 – 5 Trends in Nonprofit Infographic Design by Nonprofit Tech for Good April 5, 2014 post.

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