Cash Flow and Property Taxes – from DWD’s “Mission-Minded” blog

CarrieMinnichwebGet on Board’s, Carrie Minnich, CPA has written two new short articles on the Mission Minded, Dulin, Ward & DeWald, Inc.’s blog.

In her piece on cash flow projections, Carrie gives nonprofits a few tips. The first one is to start off with your annual budget and breakdown your expenses and revenue on a monthly basis. Carrie warns, [s]imply dividing the annual amount by twelve will not give you an accurate picture of your cash flows.” Overall, analyze your habits to better manage your cash flow. Click here to read more of Carrie’s blog post and to learn other tips on cash shortages and surpluses.

You’ll want to check out the Indiana property tax changes blog post too. Carrie passes along information about the date change to report tangible personal property. The date was March 1st and now it is January 1st. To read other details of this change, click here to read the full post.


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