It’s Our Policy

can-spam-actThe Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center sends email: grant alerts, newsletters and e-blasts. Our purpose is to inform our clients and users about resources, upcoming programs and grant opportunities.

If you’ve taken a class or attended a program you’ve probably gotten onto our email list either because you signed up yourself or we added your email so we could communicate about the program for which you registered.

What is SPAM?
Technically, Spam is “Unsolicited Commercial Email.” In plain English, Spam is “annoying emails you didn’t ask for from companies you don’t know, selling products you don’t want.”

Here’s what we’d like you to know:

  • We take the federal CAN SPAM Act of 2003 very seriously
    • Abusing the act could be a $300 fine per email, or as much as $14,000 for a campaign
    • Being reported as SPAM could close our account
    • It could also land us in jail, as the Act has criminal penalties for violators
  • We never send more mail than is necessary
    • One grant alert mailing each week (you may not even get one every week – it depends on which field of interests you’ve signed up to receive)
    • One newsletter a month
    • Occasional e-blasts to let you know of an upcoming program or event

It’s our policy to:

  • Avoid two or more emails in one day
  • Limit our campaigns overall
  • Respect your mailbox
  • Protect your email address (we do not rent or sell our subscriber list)

It’s your right to:

  • Unsubscribe at any time
  • Ask to be put ‘on hold’
  • Change your fields of interest at any time (you control your account)

Why am I writing this?

Because I pay attention to the complaints of SPAM that we get, and while they are rare, being reported as SPAM is nonetheless very painful for me to see.

Most of our subscribers signed themselves up for our email. Some signed up in the early days before we used Constant Contact as our marketing vehicle, but those subscribers gave us permission at that time to email them through our library account which allowed us to add them to our CC account when we began using it in 2004.

Don’t want email from us anymore?

That’s understandable – sometimes I get over 400 messages in my email box in a day.  Some of those are newsletters and alerts I subscribed to at one time. When I find myself unable to keep up with those I delete without opening, or follow the unsubscribe link and remove myself from their list.

That’s what we hope you will do. Every one of our mailings from Constant Contact have an unsubscribe link on the bottom and a change your account link.  We ask that you use those, especially when you absolutely don’t want to hear from us.

We ask that you not report us a spam though. We don’t spam and we won’t spam.  That’s just not the PCNRC.


Constant Contact’s anti-SPAM policy

CAN-SPAM act Simplified

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