Who do you write to? A rundown of Blogging 101

The last of the Social Media Seminar 2015 was on Wednesday August 5th and filled up the room! Jaclyn Garver, Media Relations and Communications Coordinator at Ivy Tech gave a fantastic presentation about her experience as a blogger. She impressed the audience with her years of blogging experience, presentation style, and numerous examples (both good and bad).

Jaclyn focused on six different types of nonprofit blogs as outlined from Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog. Those were:

  • Blogging 101News blog
  • Advocacy blog
  • Toolbox blog
  • Storytelling blog
  • CEO/ED blog
  • Professional Life blog

In addition, Jaclyn gave some key tips for writing a blog. They included things like watching your tone, avoiding corporate speak, not using jargon, and pretending you are writing to your friend, sibling, spouse, or other family member. She also said it is acceptable to keep the blog short and okay to end a blog if you are burnt out or even need to regroup and change the direction.


One thought on “Who do you write to? A rundown of Blogging 101

  1. Thanks for this article on Blogging. I have found from my own experience and other top leaders in the Blogosphere that providing value and solutions through story-telling and statistics is the most powerful form of content marketing in my opinion. I’m glad to see that you have addressed blogging, because it is mainstream and should not be overlooked by any agency! Thanks again!


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