Small group, BIG conversation

What do board term limits, millennials, and “founder’s syndrome” have in common? The answer is last week’s Stewardship Lunch! A group of six people met to share their nonprofit experiences. In our free flowing conversation at JK O’Donnell’s, it was a small group that discussed big topics.

Stewardhip Lunch 07.22.2015The topic that stuck with me the most was the answers to the question – “what is one thing you wish you knew before being a board member.” One answer was telling potential board members that they have to give and fund-raise. Number five of the 10 Basic Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members is to raise funds. For brand new board members, this is key information and something that needs to be communicated upfront when recruiting.

A second answer was that every board member does indeed have a role. It is not just filling a spot and keeping the chair warm. Board members each have the 10 Basic Roles and Responsibilities to follow and the need to fulfill their individual purpose. The purpose might be your area of professional expertise or something that you feel very passionate towards.

The third response had to do with an organization “[clicking] in your heart.” For the health of the organization, potential or already serving board members need to know and be reminded that there is an expectation to give 100%. Giving a tour to a board recruit will help determine if there is a good fit.

The next Stewardship Lunch is Tuesday August 25, 2015 at 11:30 am, Calhoun Street Soups, Salads, and Spirits. Email to RSVP.

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