Job Opportunity: Hope House Inc. – Case Manager





This is a salaried position exempt from overtime.  The position offers benefits including health & dental insurance and personal & vacation days.

POSITION PURPOSE: The Case Manager will understand, communicate and promote the policies, procedures, and program objectives of Hope House as pertain particularly to residential, program, and facility needs. The Case Manager will provide consistent supervision of all residents in the facility, ensuring their safety, abstinence from drugs & alcohol, and that they abide by the rules and policies of the Hope House program.  The Case Manager is expected to understand the disease of addiction, be familiar with each resident’s individual issues, and be supportive of their progress in recovery.  The Case Manger is expected to understand and follow the guidelines of the Employee Handbook.  It is essential that the Case Manager & Lead Case Manager communicate closely and that the Case Manager follow the directions of the Lead Case Manager.

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree preferred, Associate’s degree accepted; continuing education classes in a related field; possess good judgment, listening and observation skills; possess strong ability to communicate and work well with clients and other staff; possess working knowledge of addiction and recovery process and, if recovering, must have at least two years in recovery.  Ability to work independently adhering to direction and supervision.  Must hold a valid Driver’s License in the State of Indiana, and valid certification in CPR & First Aid. Must agree to promote all Policy and Procedure of Hope House. Must be able to lift at least 30 lbs.

EQUIPMENT USAGE: Computer, Typewriter, Calculator, Copier, Fax, Various other small appliances

PRIMARY FUNCTIONS: Duties to include but are not limited to:

  • Participation in staffing conference regarding residential matters when coming on duty, therefore expected to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to beginning of shift.
  • Participation in biweekly staffing conferences with supervisor & director to evaluate & monitor each resident’s progress
  • Responsibility for understanding of all matter contained in individual client files; for charting entries in client file as pertains to client activity; for assisting in the maintenance of client files in an organized and complete manner.
  • Maintenance of confidentiality of all resident files per Federal & State mandate.
  • Maintain all log books to include Volunteer hours Log, Daily Log, Telephone Log, Weekend Pass Log, Medication Log, Drug Screen/Breathalyzer Log, Points Chart & Meeting Log in an orderly and complete manner.
  • Issue chore assignments at the end of every month.
  • Oversee completion of residential chores and meal preparation assignments in acceptable and timely manner.
  • Approve weekly menu plans.
  • Shop weekly for food, supplies, and staples at grocery store, Dollar General &/or Community Harvest Food Bank to ensure residents have adequate food & supplies.
  • Review and assist with client weekly progress by addressing areas noted on Weekly Assessment form; assist Lead Case Manager in development of Weekly Assessment.
  • Maintain and oversee resident compliance with House Rules, directing disciplinary action when needed in a fair & equal manner and recording points as appropriate.
  • Supervise residents as they follow medication protocol in the evenings.
  • Maintain secured medication box and accurate medication charts for individual clients.
  • Record all pertinent information regarding resident behavior, general house disorder, etc. in the Daily Log Book as well as the particular resident file when on duty.
  • Perform drug/alcohol screens on any client as determined necessary or as directed by supervisory staff, charting fully all client reaction and result.
  • Maintenance of the house in good order while on duty, reporting all hazards or violations as needed. Maintenance of house security while on duty to include locking of all doors, windows, turning off all electrical appliances, lamps, etc.
  • Responsibility for residential emergencies, i.e. sickness, alcohol/drug usage, etc., making referrals for clients as necessary. Notify Director of all such emergencies in complete detail by completing an Incident Report before leaving shift.
  • Conduct and document emergency drills (fire, tornado, etc)
  • Assistance as needed with residential paperwork to include Treatment Plans and Reviews, Intake Interviews, Admission and Discharge procedures while on duty.
  • Attendance at all staff meetings.
  • Assist with all in-house meetings while on duty to include Community Meeting, PLUS meeting, Women in Recovery, as well as oversee the House/Residents during other support group meetings.
  • Facilitate House meetings on the first Monday, or the Monday after the first community meeting, of each month.
  • Participate in Weekend On-Call Scheduling as required
  • Comply fully with all requests from Director and Program Coordinator, assist and cooperate with all staff in the performance of their duties.
  • Perform any other duties as deemed necessary by the Director.

Contact Mary at 424-3711.

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