Job Opportunity: Pre K Family Engagement AmeriCorps Member – Early Learning Indiana

Pre K Family Engagement AmeriCorps Member – Early Learning Indiana
Jun. 01, 2015 – Jul. 01, 2015
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Type: Full Time
Organization: Early Learning Indiana (formerly Day Nursery Assn)
Description: Early Learning Indiana is seeking AmeriCorps members who want to work with families of young children in high quality, pre-Kindergarten (pre-K) programs in one of three urban locations in Indiana-Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne and Evansville. As an AmeriCorps member, you will be on-site four days a week at a high-quality pre-K program, where you will help to build the capacity of your program to engage families in their child’s education and you will lead and organize family engagement activities yourself. You will be supported by a site supervisor and an early childhood expert in the community-who will offer weekly off-site trainings on Fridays. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who has an interest in early childhood education, pre-K, authentic family engagement and nonprofit management.
Duties: Program Requirements:

● Serve full-time, so you can complete 1,700 hours of service over the course of your service year.
● Be paid a stipend of $13,000 that covers your living expenses and be eligible for an education award of $5,645 following a successful year of service.
● If you do not already have it, you will receive health insurance and, if eligible, child care.
● Complete a 10-day orientation at the start of your placement and ongoing training and professional development activities.
● Undergo a full background check, including sex-offender registry check, state criminal history check and FBI fingerprint-based check.

Member Objectives:

● Build the capacity of pre-Kindergarten (pre-K) programs to engage families in their child’s education and development.
● Pilot and model effective family engagement practice.
● Strengthen program-parent relationships.
● Help parents support their child’s development, particularly with respect to literacy.
● Positively impact low-income children’s readiness for Kindergarten.

Member Responsibilities:

● Coordinating assessment of family strengths and needs, so that programs understand the desires, backgrounds, beliefs, and barriers to engagement present in their families.
● Helping programs develop a family engagement strategy that builds on family strengths, meets the needs of their families and the unique organizational structure, assets and constraints of their organization.
● Developing and providing orientation for families that will include empowering families to take an active role in their child’s education.
● Helping programs structure and staff effective family engagement programming, such as skills-based trainings and opportunities for parent-child programming, particularly focused on promoting literacy and reading at home.
● Providing on-site resources for families to help them understand how to access other necessary social supports in the community and engage with one another as peers.
● Connecting programs to research-based tools, practices and assessments, on an as-needed basis.
● Collecting on-going information and data (qualitative and quantitative) to help programs understand the strength of their family engagement approach and make mid-course corrections.
● Assisting with the implementation of Kindergarten transition plans.
● Building capacity in the community to share lessons learned and best practices regarding family engagement in pre-K programs.
● Participating in weekly training activities with other Pre-K Family Engagement AmeriCorps members.

Qualifications: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

● Completion of a bachelor’s degree preferred; high school diploma or equivalent required
● Experience and/or interest in early childhood education, child development and family engagement
● Ability to self-start and lead projects
● Excellent oral and written communication skills
● Strong organizational and time management skills
● Confidence and ability to engage with a wide variety of people, including families and children, pre-K teachers and staff and community stakeholders
● Volunteer experience preferred
● Bilingual applicants encouraged to apply
● Parents of young children encouraged to apply
● Experience and knowledge of identified communities (Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne and Evansville) preferred

For More Information:

Contact Holly Hilton-Dennis at 317-6369197 ext. 251

Early Learning Indiana is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. As a non-profit organization of professional staff and volunteers, our mission is to assure excellent early care and education for young children in Indiana.

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