Circulating Magazines @ PCNRC

I personally love the experience of reading articles and absorbing information from magazines. If you are like me in that regard, there are many different magazines at the PCNRC brimming with up to date information about nonprofits and philanthropy. Some publications must stay at the library but others are available to check out (listed below).

I read one of the magazines called Grassroots Fundraising Journal (March-April 2015). In it I found many insightful and helpful articles covering different aspects of nonprofit management. There is an article titled “Building Awesome Boards” by Kim Bobo, which discusses different ways in which an executive director can work with his or her board to make it “great”. Although I personally am not an executive director or a board member, this article really highlighted for me the ideal relationship between the two that I can hopefully emulate if I find myself in either position.

In this issue there is also an article titled “Writing Smarter and Stronger Proposals” by Randall Quan. If there is a grant that sounds like a perfect fit for your organization, you want to arm yourself with the strongest proposal possible. The article outlines these helpful hints and reminders for accomplishing that:

  • Remember time is of the essence
  • Less is more

And goes into detail about:

  • What to convey in the proposal
  • How to structure the proposal
  • How to make a persuasive case using ethos, pathos, and logos

Other major articles in this issues include: “10 Years, 10 Days, $10K”, an article about fundraising, and “Triumphs and Trainwrecks in Major Gift Fundraising”. This magazine is available for checkout along with the Stanford Social Innovation Review and The Nonprofit Quarterly magazines. There are more titles available to read at the PCNRC.

*Point of View blog post written by Katherine Dwire, PCNRC Intern.

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