News Flash!: Status of Nonprofits in 2015

Nonprofit Finance Fund’s 2015 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey was published last month. The survey, as the name implies, focuses on the financial health of the third sector. Nonprofits today (and their funders) are looking at long term sustainability. It is challenging to look into the future because nonprofits are currently not able to meet demands or can secure the funds to do so.

Below are significant statistics of the survey:

76% of nonprofits reported an increase in demand for services
52% of nonprofits could not meet the demand
71% of those nonprofits that could not meet demand, said client needs go unmet

53% report three months or less of cash-on-hand
32% find achieving long-term sustainability a top challenge
25% struggle to be able to offer competitive pay and/or retain staff
19% cannot raise funding to cover full costs

To read the full article review by Social Velocity, click here.
To read the full article by Nonprofit Finance Fund, click here.
To view all survey results, click here.

How does your organization stack up? Let us know where your organization stands in the comment area below.

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