Reflections on BLF14: Post #9 – Get on Board Committee

Reflections on 2014 Board Leadership Forum, submitted by Carrie Minnich. This is the fourth of  several reviews by Carrie.

GOB Washington
The GOB in front of the Washington Monument. Carrie Minnich  is standing far right

Designing Community-Level Support for Emerging Board Leaders  (Lettice Haver and Carrie Minnich)

The Get on Board Committee was extremely grateful for the opportunity to share our work with others at the BoardSource Leadership Forum in Washington, DC.

We shared about our community, history and partners, as well as details about our programs, challenges and successes.

As we shared about our project, we encouraged the participants to discuss amongst themselves what resources they had in their communities to implement a similar project or one or two of the programs.

Did they have a community foundation or local foundation that would be interested in financially supporting the work?

Is there a nonprofit resource center in their community?

Are outstanding board members honored in their community?

Are there individuals that are actively engaged in nonprofit boards that would be willing to mentor emerging leaders in their community?

As a result of our discussions with the participants, we heard over and over again, you have that? Your community has that?

We were able to see just how fortunate our community is to have foundations and individuals that support the nonprofit community and its future.

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