Meet Our New Intern, Katherine

Hello! My name is Katherine and I am the new intern here at the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center. I am graduating in Katherine Profile PictureMay from IPFW with a degree in English-Writing, so working at the library surrounded by books makes me feel right at home.

Besides literature, my main love in life is travel.

I spent last semester in Ireland, which didn’t disappoint my prior notion of it having spectacular landscapes and friendly people. During my time abroad I also had the opportunity to see some other parts of Europe.

Although my travels included scarlet fever in Paris and a trip to the hospital in Milan, I still loved the overall experience of seeing cities I’d always dreamed of visiting and was left with some interesting stories to tell, to say the least.

Other than travel, I enjoy spending as much time outdoors as possible, which mostly includes riding my bike and swimming.

I’m so excited to be interning here at the center and learning all about nonprofits and the resources available to them. I hope to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector, so I view this internship as a great opportunity!

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