“Many thanks for seven years! See you on the trails!” – Lettie to join ACRES Land Trust

“And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” ~Meister Eckhart*

On January 19th**, I join ACRES Land Trust’s incredible team, beautiful work, and devoted members in the newly created position of Outreach Manager! Joining this work feels like going home.

Lettie's family hiking
My family and I taking a selfie during a hike.

I’m thrilled beyond belief… into that sheer magic of new beginnings – for me, for my family, for ACRES, and for the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center and the Allen County Public Library.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know, work with, listen to, and grow alongside each of you for the past seven years (thirteen total at the library!).

Many thanks for your time, energy, laughter, and patience.

The Get on Board committee deserves my acknowledgement for a job so well done and greatly cared for that I know I’m leaving it in good, capable hands. You’re an incredible team and your work has changed countless lives in ways we can only imagine, and sometimes discover later. Here’s to your continued success – and constant discovery.

Here’s to beginnings, evolving transformations and sheer magic.

May we be brilliant and honest in the face of our own evolution. Shine on, people!

Many thanks! I’ll see you on the trails! “INTO THE WOODS!”

In Joy,


*Many thanks to the incomparable Joan Brown for sharing this quote today. Impeccable timing and a beautiful sentiment.

**I will be working at the Center on January 22nd and the 23rd will be my last day.

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