New Book: Connecting to Change the World

Click on the book to go to the ACPL catalog and place a hold.

Understanding how social networks – not simply social media – impact your mission effectiveness can shift how you approach your mission.

If you’re not already actively engaged in building and understanding networks, you might simply be curious as to what’s possible.

Connecting to Change the World: Harnessing the Power of Networks for Social Impact by Peter Plastrik, Madeleine Taylor, and John Cleveland, demonstrates the possibilities – and outlines designing, weaving, and managing networks.

 “This book sheds light on why some organizations today feel like heavy bricks, whereas others defy gravity.”

Richard McCarthy, Executive Director for Slow Food USA

With a healthy variety of useful appendices, you’re empowered to begin building, assessing, and, in general, applying lessons learned throughout the text.

Online Resources 

Connecting to Change the World online includes the following:

  • Network Health Scorecard
  • Network Evaluation Framework & Casebook
  • A Guide to Collaboration Software
  • Recommended Resources for Network Builders
  • Network Impact
  • Innovation Network for Communities

Fun stuff

Click on the book to go to the ACPL catalog and place a hold.


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