Improve Your Communications with Smart Chart 3.0

Have you heard about Smart Chart 3.0 yet?

Are you starting, evaluating, or reviewing a communications effort or process? Are you looking to tell an effective story? Align your messaging? Check your alignment?

Smart Chart guides you through the necessary steps to make effective communications choices.

The Smart Chart features six major strategic decision sections:
1. Program Decisions (Broad Goal, Objective, Decision Maker)
2. Context (Internal and External Scans and Position)
3. Strategic Choices (Audience, Readiness, Core Concerns, Theme, Message and Messenger)
4. Communications Activities (Tactics, Timeline, Assignments and Budget)
5. Measurements of Success
6. Final Reality Check

And, it’s simple, free, and easy to access. And, it’s not just for planning. Use it for assessing the effectiveness of your current communications work.

We like it most because it takes you through the complete communications planning process – without getting into the tools. No jumping ahead without doing your necessary and useful homework.

This process creates clarity for all the communications decisions you and your team will make. It supports clear messaging – and builds in-house buy-in with your teams(s). That’s alignment folks, and in nonprofits, alignment drives both of your bottom lines.

We also like it because Smart Chart exists as both an interactive tool – where you login and return to your work – and/or as a simple PDF guide where you complete the same process on your own. Simple, easy to use options.

You don’t have to use the tool – or the simple PDF guide, but darn, it sure makes life simple when a process template already exists.

Enjoy! (And share!)

Access both the Smart Chart 3.0 PDF and the interactive online tool here.

Smart Chart 3.0 was developed by Spitfire Strategies.

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