2014 Northern Indiana Salary Survey

2014 salary surveyCommunity foundations, United Ways and United Funds of northern Indiana joined together to provide this 2014 Northern Indiana Nonprofit Salary Report. This collaborative effort builds upon the success of the 2012 Northeast Indiana Nonprofit Salary Report to include nine additional counties across north central and northwest Indiana. Prior to these reports, a comprehensive summary of nonprofit salaries and benefits did not exist. It is hoped that board members of nonprofit organizations in Northern Indiana find this information helpful in developing a fair and competitive system of compensation and benefits.

The 2014 Northern Indiana Salary Survey includes twenty counties stretching from Lake County in the far west, across the Indiana-Michigan border east to Steuben County, then extending south to Adams, Huntington, Wabash and Wells Counties.

The 178 page report was based on data provided by 365 survey respondents. Participating organizations were broken down into twelve primary work classifications, with two of those: Human or Social Services and Arts, Culture or Humanities further being broken down into sixteen secondary work classification.

This report was prepared by Charitable Advisors, a consulting practice based in Indianapolis that focuses on nonprofit organizations (www.CharitableAdvisors.com).

Applying this report to your organization

It takes good people to make a good organization and to produce good results for clients, patrons, partners, and other stakeholders. But how much time is spent in the typical board meeting talking about staff recruiting, staff training and development, staff retention, or staff compensation? Here is a chance for boards to begin thinking more intentionally about the investments their organizations make in their “most important asset”.

The report contains information on the state of the nonprofit sector; job functions of 20 positions; salaries of full and part time positions and benefits of all respondents.  To easily navigate the report go to the linked table of contents on page 5.

Reports are also segmented by geographic areas:

  • Northeast Indiana appendix: 181 respondents
  • North central Indiana appendix: 128 respondents
  • Northwest Indiana: 78 respondents

In addition, the report is also broken down by field of interest, or primary work classification and then within each field, broken down by annual budget.

Other information covered:

  • Use of Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) compared to last year;
  • Use of written Strategic or Business Plan;
  • Fundraising strategies used in the last 2-3 years;
  • Number of people on the Board of Directors.
The data in this report is best used as one of multiple sources of reference or information when determining your organization’s salaries and benefits. You should seek out at least one, if not more, additional sources for comparison, such as annual reports and 990s.
990 Resources, search available without registration:

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